Work with the only microservices-based hybrid integration platform that empowers IT organizations to accelerate enterprise digital transformation. Improve English, continue studying and communicate with managers and engineers of highest competency.
Backend Developer (Node.js)
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Kyiv, Ukraine
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The hybrid Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for real-time data sync across disparate cloud-based and on-premise applications, platforms and databases.

In other words we build an event-driven iPaaS based inter-application bus, that ensures high performance and scalability with low latency, and which is ideal for integrating miscellaneous enterprise Cloud, Mobile and IoT projects.
•1000+ simultaneously running containers
•10M+ containers per month
•1000+ pods is a typical installation
•10M+ interapplication mpd in RabbitMQ
•100K+ containers starts/stops per day
From the technical perspective we build our own cloud and something similar to AWS Lambda service. The product enables on-premise installation.

The platform in numbers:
In a nutshell, our platform helps customers easily integrate their business critical systems (f. e. databases, CRM, ERP, cloud services or whatever) and save money on infrastructure configuration and maintenance.

If you've heard about Zappier and/or IFTTT — is the similar ideology product, but with a focus on B2B needs.
The company is a Germany born product company
founded by two Ukrainian developers.

On a seed stage the company was financed by Alghanim and Kuenheim funds. And in 2017 the company was acquired by mVISE — large German professional IT services provider.

This days we have more than 5M revenue and 100% year-to-year revenue growth.
Our customers are global telecom operators, retail, e-commerce companies, data-management providers and so on: Deutsche Telecom, AppDirect, Qubit, MATALAN, Baumarkt, Apora, Star2Star and many more.

Starting from two people in 2013, we have almost 40 people now in Bonn and Kyiv offices, and growing. Most of the development team is located in Kyiv, there are 25 people here.
What's The Job?
  • JavaScript/Node.js proficiency
  • Well-versed with computer science fundamentals
  • Thorough experience with API design (RESTful service)
  • Knowledge of best practices for building resilient and maintainable distributed systems
  • Solid understanding of *NIX operating systems
  • Automated testing experience
  • Experience with microservices, RabbitMQ and Kubernetes
  • Experience with front-end (including React/Redux)
  • Well-versed with TypeScript
  • MongoDB, ClickHouse, ElasticSearch
  • Good knowledge of networking principles
  • Any other programming language knowledge
  • New services design and development, current ones redesign and maintenance
  • Cross-services communication mechanisms design and implementation (REST/RPC)
  • Integration with Kubernetes (operators development)
  • Investigating and resolving speed and performance issues
  • Refactoring, bug fixing, reviewing code
Although English is not required for this position, it is a great opportunity to start using it and increase your level in internal English courses.
The product is about interconnecting miscellaneous types of services. So you'll have a possibility to dive into any of them.
Solve complex tasks on various platforms and enhance your knowledge and skills in system design and troubleshooting.
Get experience with wide range of techs
Become more universal engineer
Expand your expertise in high load
Get the possibility to relocate
There is a possibility of relocation to Bonn (Germany) after the year of work.
Advance your knowledge with networks
Improve your English
A number of customers' projects are based on networking and telecom, so these knowledge can be enhanced.
Design and manage reliable, efficient, and scalable software that handles large volumes of requests and computations.
Tech Stack
  • Main platform components: Docker + K8s, Prometheus, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Graylog, Clickhouse
  • The platform itself is built of microservices on Node.js (JavaScript/TypeScript and some code on GoLang)
    • Infrastructure is managed by Terraform and Ansible. In Kubernetes — ksonnet, soon will be switching to helm.
    • Minor components: Nginx, OpenVPN, IPSec (Strongswan), fluentd, HAproxy, docker-registry, cadvisor, grafana
    • Company follows infrastructure as software principle. Trying to follow DevOps methodology in general
    We are located in Creative Quarter, the best office space in Kyiv, in Gulliver business centre near the Palace of Sports.
    Manage your working schedule independently by choosing the most convenient hours for you between 9AM and 9PM.
    In full accordance to official legislation and a little bit better, 'cause we concentrate on counting working days instead of calendar ones.
    Flexible working hours
    24 days of vacation + official holidays
    Work from home 5 days per month
    Everyone in the company has 5 official work from home days. You can use them as you wish.
    Get salary paid in EUR
    Get transparent and stable income in one of the most robust international currencies.
    Attend free internal English classes
    Improve your knowledge of English by attending free internal classes — conducted in the office two times a week.
    Modern office in the heart of the city
    There are three stages. An introductory call with HR manager, technical part with developers and an interview with CTO.
    What are the interview stages?
    There is an opportunity to relocate to Bonn (German office) after the year of successful work.
    Not critical, we expect an intermediate level. Almost all team members you'll communicate with are Ukrainians, CTO also speaks Russian and understands Ukrainian. Documentation and tasks are in English, so you should be able to understand it.
    Is English essential at this position?
    Company decided to enhance development team for desing and programming new features.
    There are no overtimes, and any kind of such activities will be fully covered in case.
    No, we do not excercize interviewees and do not ask to do any kind of test tasks. Everything is settled during live interviewing.
    F. A. Q.
    Do you practice test tasks during interviewing?
    What about overtimes?
    Are there any relocation opportunities?
    What is the reason for opening this vacancy?
    Send your CV to

    Gulliver BC,
    1, Sportyvna Sq.,
    Kyiv, Ukraine
    Not a fit? This very moment there is a friend of yours looking for something similar. Drop us a line about it and get a bonus for successful reference.
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