Tech Recruitment As It Should Be

Premium level recruitment service, HR and people management consultancy, RnD centers settting up in IT / high technologies / STEM in Kyiv, Ukraine

Taking on recruitment and all admin ⧸ management issues concerned with building an offshore team or office. We offer Ukraine, as it offers high engineering culture, relevant salaries, minimal tax burden and comfortable labour legislation.
Analyzing HR activities in the company (including due diligence). Troubleshooting local encounters with the team ⧸ specific people. Out-tasking HR-activities. Helping to design HR processes around the people, rather than the reverse.
We Do
Helping build A-class engineering teams. Providing market analysis, sourcing people, supporting interviews, negotiate with candidates, assisting onboarding, helping enhance quality hiring process and employer brand.
HR managers have no background in technology, and thus they have no possibility to build versatile approach for assessment.

Technology specialists have no clue of soft-skills, and are hardly self-aware of their weaknesses. They avoid recruitment job everyway.

Managers have daily urgent priorities and usually put recruitment to the pocket of long-term tasks, that can always be left for tomorrow.
Generalising that, almost no company has a person with overall picture of hiring process and people who throughout control it.

We know how to close these gaps and to make recruitment working as it should work and with a guaranteed result.

by having that all together, and by making everything transparent and understandable.

Not fulfilling dreams, but fitting aims. With knowledge, systematization, creativity and a small part of human magic.
We make recruitment working.

We structurize processes, get rid of redundancy, force transparency, close gaps, remove miscompetency, draw labour image

Not by fulfilling dreams, but by strict fitting aims and actual culture.

, and HR processes transparent and understandable. In any situation, for almost every company.

Not fulfilling dreams, but fitting aims. With knowledge, systematization, creativity and a small part of human magic.
We make recruitment working by having that all together.

, and HR processes transparent and understandable. In any situation, for almost every company.

Not fulfilling dreams, but fitting aims. With knowledge, systematization, creativity and a small part of human magic.

Our Strengths
Hiring Process Tune Up
Long-Term Guarantee
Personnel Reserve
What You Get
Great Saving of Time
Less Number of Mishires
Recruitment Planning
Employer Brand Enhancement
Current Team Assessment
Closing of Difficult Vacancies
Use globally recognized hiring practices and minimize number of mishires from standard 75%-50% down to 20%-10%. For a start-up this difference usually draws the line between success and failure.
Come to us with the most tough, specific, exotic, tricky or sophisticated vacancies, where you, your colleagues and all the others have failed.
Spend 10x less time on interviews and managing the process. Speak to one candidate of 10 at an average, dispose of all preparatory and process administration work, be engaged only where you have to make decisions.
Work out your professional reputation over recruitment communications. Spread a good picture about the company, team and projects. Build candidates experience system and ride on the wave of positive gossips.
Get acknowledged to your team and/or specific people weaknesses and blank spots in knowledge, hard and soft-skills – both apparent and unconscious. Build effective personalized education roadmap for everyone.
Become familiar with core HR techniques and get every detail on every stage of your hiring process adjusted to your company goals and style.
Do not wait from 3 to 6 months to close unfilled positions and do not close hot vacancies with non fully suitable people. Start a process ahead of the game and never stop working on standard ones.
We guarantee to close every contracted vacancy, free replacement during warranty period and discounted substitution within the 1st year. We aim to provide any possible kind of guarantee a business can ask.
Maintain stability of operational processes by managing talent pools and creating acting internal and external personnel reserves for every technological direction and/or position.
Closing of the toughest vacancies
that all the others have failed
Minimizing mishires from
the average of 2⧸3 down to 1⧸6
Spending 10x less time for process
management and interviews
Spreading a good picture about the
company, team and projects
Discovering weaknesses and blank
spots of a team and specific people
Tuning up hiring process
according to company goals
Building of non-stopping hiring process to hire the best people
Getting a long-term guarantee for every employee hired with us
Maintaining stability of operational process by building a pool of talents
What we call soft-skills, where they originate from and how to get coherent use of it
The list of expenses, losses and negative factors an average hiring mistake causes
Typical mistakes we do in recruitment every time having no idea we do them
Free Skype Consultation
Discuss⧸analyze⧸plan with us any recruitment, HR or people management issue you might currently have or might have in the nearest future.

It's free :) Fill in the fields, or schedule a call via Calendly, and let's have a talk!

Discuss⧸analyze⧸plan with us any recruitment, HR or people management issue you might currently have or might have in the nearest future.

It's free :) Fill in the fields at the left, or schedule a call via Calendly, and let's have a talk!

Recruitment Strategy
Talking about fundamentals of recruitment strategy, we should start with the so-called optimal stopping theory also known as 37% rule.

It's a simple math, however it has a few drawbacks: it is designed for closing a single vacancy, everything in hiring process is premised to be ideally tuned to your credit, and it gives only 37% success rate.

Only a few strategies give higher success rates, however all of them converge to non-stopping hiring process. In other words, never stop to act good. Focus on building the team of the best people market avails instead of closing hot vacancies.
Growth Pitfalls
The number of factors degrading the people side of any business is huge: Brownian management, unhealthy atmosphere, absence of growth, conflicts, head-hunting and so on.

Appearing together they make cumulative effect. A few ones coming one by one are called a vicious circle. When a few negative powers meet at one place a small catastrophe emerges. Systematically reoccurring situations are pitfalls.

Typical ones are: candidates declining every second offer, conflicts in passive aggression stage, people resigning the same speed as you hire new ones and so on.
Understanding HR
There is a good analogy between launching a business (or a start-up) and launching a rocket can be built.

To make a successful launch accelerating powers should prevail over restraining ones. Interaction with the outside world should be quicker than flight discrepancies. Structural strength should compensate destructive influence.

The last one (structural strength) is a corresponding analogy for what human resources direction is responsible for in any business not just `hiring people`.
Due Diligence
Common HR Audit practices are primarily built for HR processes maturity testing. It works for large companies managed by business processes, and doesn't for young companies in quest of themselves.

Moreover, this approach is focused on providing information about processes state, whereas gives no vision of the human-side situation in a company.

For the sake of the latter, we suggest gathering information about growth⧸degradation forces and factors, evaluating and ranking them, and then building a singular statistical model (a forecast) of overall growth⧸degradation prospect.
Mastering Processes
People first, processes are being built with them, by them and for them. Business processes are nothing less than a scaffolding. Those are people who are the walls.

If to focus on building scaffolding, not on pursuing goals the ones are being built for, and not on building the team to achieve them, you get a very good windswept falsework, eventually, and absolutely no walls or roof.

Processes work in a consensus environment only and always tend to stop otherwise. Their design is a task of 10x-improvements, not just their formalizing. Otherwise you have alocal optimization as is and no result.
Preparing for Scaling
Would you bank your company won't fall apart on the first stress load?

To be ready for a boost a system should be charged enough, promptly responsive, have no defects and unresolved issues, have spare room for new possible mistakes. However, processes built for one scale more likely won't work in a different one and during the growth.

The trick is to stop focusing on scaffolding and start maintaining origins: state of a system and acting forces. The more negative powers you maintain, the more you can neutralize. The more positive factors you manage, the better a company grows.
Engineering Background
  • Company was founded by software engineers; everyone in the company has STEM education and/or professional background
  • As far as we speak the same language as you do, we have no troubles with buzzwords/slang and quickly get into any engineering tasks specificity
  • The core of our job is the human side of engineering; we help teams get onto their strengthes and blank spots and thus become better and better
HR Expertise
  • Own approach to recruitment built on structured interviews, directional knowledge maps and library of competences
  • Versatile assessment center for executive search and C-level positions testing: we can build it and explain in simple words
  • Growth/Degradation Forces Analysis — our know-how for discovering real state of affairs in a company (instead of state of processes) and overall prospects to grow and⧸or to degrade
Managerial Experience
  • Success means `according to plan`: our aim is to build 100% reliable industrial level recruitment service, so that you could plan your growth
  • Popularity is built on clarity: we quickly get into the very essence of any nuanced product or service and always find those simple words to present it
  • Fit is better than hardcore: we focus on building complete robust team for specific product, team culture and company goals