Realize that a drawing is not a copy. It is a construction in very different materials. A drawing is an invention.
Robert Earle Henri,
R&D Office Setup

Offshore RnD centers setup for IT, high tech and STEM projects in Kyiv, Ukraine

Do not challenge tech giants on highly competitive markets, hire top engineers where they are
Build teams is distinct timezones, convey work results work between them daily, reduce the TTM
Have strong background in any situation, and stop being afraid of retention policy as of a weakness
Handle with Recruitment
Ignore Needless Bureaucracy
Why to Go Offshore
Have no troubles with labour legislation, select the team you really want to grow with
Save a Lot of Money
Be where you can hire worthful people faster and become ready for the stage of explosive growth
Pay a few times smaller wages, extensively сut costs on taxes, forget about rent and cost of living
Decrease People-Based Risks
Prepare for Quick Growth
Experience with Distributed Teams
Managing distributed team encounters intensification of various management concerns and neutralization of the others on the other hand. Management system should be rebalanced.
Engineering Management Maturity
Effective cooperation between local team and offshore ones requires Product Analysis (task definition), Scrum (daily management) and DevOps (result management) processes got up and running.
Cross-Cultural Attribution
Understanding that cultural differences are and willingness to learn and to cope with them is the core of any international business. Otherwise the one can be stopped by a single miscommunication.
Roadmap for the Next Year
Offshore teams are usually set up for building stable delivery, whereas goals are set by headquarter. Absence of roadmap takes off the opportunity of defining right tasks and their further execution.
Transparent Risks Estimation
Opening an offshore office is a venture, eventually. It is a great opportunity on the one hand and a handful of risks on another one. To succeed all of them should be conscious and secured.
Established Product Vision
Even a local team would be disoriented (instead of being focused) by the absence of detailed product vision. An offshore team encounters much greater frustration and manageability loss.
Readiness Checklist
RnDC Setup Planning
Strategic session, specifying goals, outlining risks, drawing a schedule, counting resources, designing a roadmap, building a hiring plan, conducting analysis, doing preliminaries.
Relevant location is a big part of the labour brand and is one of the pillars of good production atmosphere. Elaborated location is one of the toughest reasons for job offers accepting.
Setting up a Location
Our Approach
Management & HR Support
Even after all the basic processes are set there are always a number of concerns appear that you want to spend no time for. And there are always issues you'd like to have guarantees in to maintain stability.
Building Fundamental Processes
Admin support, accounting, hiring & onboarding, daily communication, engineering processes and so on should be get up and running to make a branch operating and performing.
Announcing the Market
The first impression is the that something you can make only once. We start with a big interview about product and mission, tough conference talks and being brightly presented on core niche events.
Hiring Managers & Core Team
The very first a few team members make a foundation of a culture, values, engineering approach and performance. The task is to hire the best people the market can avail for all one is worth.
The best way to PoC a new labour market is to hire a few remote engineers to your project. You reinforce your team, whereas pay much lower rates without additional risks, concerns and expenses.
Starting with Remote Engineers
Why Ukraїne
originated from Ukraine are in The Global Outsourcing Rating 2019 composed by IAOP that is 1/6 of all companies listed
in the rating of countries with the best software developers according to the HackerRank portal
exporter of IT services in Europe; the technology sector became the country's second export industry in 2018
technical events are being conducted every year in top 5 Ukrainian cities
literacy rate among Ukraїnians in 2018 that holds Ukraїne on the top among the countries with the highest literacy rate
185'000 / 23'000
developers and software engineers work in Ukraїne / number of IT graduates annually
2-3 times
smaller salaries, rental payments and overall cost of living / conducting business than in EU countries and USA
tax burden + $30 single social payment, which makes it one of the lowest in the world
16 companies
7th rank
Management Service
Essential controlling functions setup
Representing in initial operations
Setting up an office with facilities
Consulting on local legislation
Conducting Scrum ceremonies
Providing concierge service
Troubleshooting appearing issues
Facilitating a converse with a team
Building performance appraisal
RnD setup planning and reporting

Setting up knowledge sharing system
Market conjuncture analysis

Consulting about the local policies

Conducting strategic sessions

HR Support
Hiring a team
Tuning internal hiring process
Records keeping and accounting support
Setting up retention system and tracking
Establishing all basic HR fundamentals
Team training
Designing hiring strategy and roadmap
Organizing corporate events
Setting up non-conflict time tracking
Conducting labour market analysis
Onboarding new people
Travel support & assistance
Satisfaction interviewing & troubleshooting
Elaborating local employer brand