If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur
Paul Neal "Red" Adair,
Oil Well Firefighter
Tech Recruitment

Premium level technical recruitment services for IT, high technologies and STEM focused businesses, globally and in Kyiv, Ukraine

Pillars of Good
When a recruiter has a technical background they understand the essence of your needs. You can really ask them to read a technical article or a book, discuss the product, issues with technology stack or questions good for the interview.

Near 3% of IT-recruiters on the market have specific education and only a few have commercial background. We have everybody charged.
Working with a single direction for some period of time, whether or not recruiters become acquainted with it even having no background. They know buzzwords and technologies interrelations, can use slang, are aware of problems and understand best-practices.

Besides that they also have a lot of personal connections, great database of people, know the best specialists on the market and usually have hot candidates.
A well-elaborated structure of knowledge on a direction shows what a good specialist should know both in his domain and in general.

It gives the way to building profound questionnaires with interesting questions, fundamentals for conducting structured interviews and comparing candidates, and the trunk to improve your recruitment process with every single day.
Competency Assessment
Knowledge Structuring
Narrow Specialization
Engineering Background
`Soft-skills` and their assessment is not the magic, but a core of the modern HR technologies. There is some background but eventually it resolves itself to managerial competencies clustering and structuring.

We develop our own library of competencies, build directional profiles, help with structurizing requirements (and modern-day corporate culture, eventually) and train the team to test them.
A recruiter with technical background understands the essence of your needs. You can really ask them to read a technical book, discuss stack, product, interviewing approach.
Focus on a direction gives recruiters a background in it. They understand buzzwords and best-practices, build liaisons and database, know the best people and have hot candidates.
Profound structure of knowledge on a direction shows what a good specialist ought to know both in his domain and in general. A foundation for structured interviews and comparing candidates.
`Soft-skills` and their assessment is a core of the modern HR technologies – managerial competencies clustering. We develop our own library and build directional profiles.
Web Development
Learning Stack and Specificity
There are thousands of technologies and every company uses its own mix. To find worth people we have to be on the same page. Thus we start with studying, and we've built an internal edu system for that.
Gathering with all the people concerned to collect information about needed hard and soft skills, planned results, level of responsibility, conscious and unconscious expectations and type of personality.
Assembling Requirements
Discussing knowledge and skills with the team: the structure, cases, nuances, test tasks, exercises, questions, approaches. Building a transparent unified scale for candidates testing and comparing.
Elaborating Assessment
How It Works
Designing Attraction
Every company has strengths and weaknesses in their image. Our job is to draw an attractive picture that exhibits at its best the first ones and provides a worthful explanation to the latter.
Web Development
Web Development
Web Development
Sourcing the Market
Managing the Process
Helping with Onboarding
Lifetime Replacement
Conducting Full Screening
Negotiating on the offer stage
Guarantee and Support
Building Candidates Reserve
According to the structure of knowledge and skills created on the assessment elaboration stage a complete screening is being conducted. We do strong pre-filtering and provide a detailed report.
Gathering and adjusting expectations, managing negotiations, controlling counteroffers, preparing counter-offer strategy, troubleshooting, coordinating communication and issues.
Conducting satisfaction interviewing and troubleshooting issues. However, sometimes people resign or got fired. If it happens during guarantee period we provide free replacement.
To hire the best people you have to interview candidates constantly even without a hot vacancy opening, and thus to build a candidates reserve pool for the future. We take on all this routine.
To generate the flow of candidates all known channels are used: database, ads, job boards, mailing lists, chats, social networks, offline groups, events, references, freelancers, and so on.
Organizing all the stages of assessment, building a contact and managing communication, keeping fingers on pulse, and gathering feedback, troubleshooting, handling administrative issues.
Smoothing transfer issues. Coordinating preliminary arrangements. First days support. Helping to build mutually productive relations. Gathering feedback. Consulting on best onboarding practices.
We aim to make recruitment consistent in a long time perspective. During all the time of cooperation we provide a lifetime replacement with a substantial discount for all employees we've helped to hire.
Personnel planning
Maintaining personnel reserve
Software Engineering
Hardware Engineering
Infrastructure & Security
Data Science
Analysis & QA
Media Arts
Digital Marketing
Internet of Things
Education Technologies
SCADA systems
Government Tech
Fin Tech & Crypto
Alternative Energy
Med Tech & Bioengineering
Decision Making Systems
Knowledge Engineering
Agro Tech
Virtual & Augmented Reality
Game Development
High Speed Telecom
Social Media
Recruitment workflow is divided into separate
pipelines by respective technological disciplines.
Every recruiter works with a single direction
instead of random vacancies.

The benefits are the next: focus on
a single technological stack,
domain knowledge, optimizing
and consolidating routine,
wide database, targeted
networking, knowing
the best people, hot
and so on.
  • Front-End: JS⧸TS, HTML⧸XML⧸XSL, React⧸Angular⧸Vue, Flash⧸SilverLight, TEX
  • Web Back-End: Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, ColdFusion, ASP.NET
Mobile Development:
  • iOS: Swift, Objective-C, C++, AppleScript
  • Android: Kotlin, Java, C++
  • Windows Mobile: .NET, C#, C++, Silverlight
  • Other Platforms: Java ME, Blackberry, Tizen, Ubuntu Touch
  • Hybrid Apps: PhoneGap, React Native, Ionic, Sencha Touch
  • Cross-Platform: Dart⧸Flutter, Unity, Marmalade, Xamarin
Enterprise Software:
  • Java & C°: J2EE, *4J, Groovy & Grails, Java Lang Family
  • Microsoft Stack: .NET, C#, CLI Languages, SharePoint/Dynamics
  • Proprietary: ABAP, @Formula, LotusScript
Server Programming:
  • Computation Core: J2SE, C++, Go, Rust, Spark, MapReduce
  • Service Architecture: Node.js, Kafka
  • Data Streams: Lightbend Stack, Haskell, Erlang, Clojure, Scheme, Flink, Storm
  • Embedded Logic: Lua, Python, JS, VBA
  • Circuit Design: schematic layout, CAD PCB design
  • Description Languages: Verilog, VHDL, Bluespec
  • Hardware Architecture:
computer architecture & protocols, processing chips microcontrollers, drivers, Real Time Operating Systems software development,

Reverse engineering
System Engineering
Digital Signal Processing:
  • Algorithmization: physics/math, low level programming
  • Tool Engineering: sensors/convertors, streaming data processors
Embedded Systems Programming:
  • IoT Systems: RFID, M2M protocols
  • Real-Time Systems:
OS Kernel Level Development:
  • Linux Kernel: kernel tune up, kernel extensions & apps, hadrware drivers
  • Programming Languages: ASM, C/C++, Embedded Java
Site Reliability Engineering:
  • Public Clouds: AWS/GC/Azure
  • Virtualization: VMWare ESXi, OpenStack
  • Monitoring: Prometeus, Nagios, Zabbix
  • CI / CD / CD
  • Provisioning / Orchestration / Configuration Management
  • Containerisation: Docker, Kubernetes
Hardware Layer:
  • Networks: telecom, IP and others
  • Datacenters
Information Security:
  • Security Audit
  • Vulnerability Detection & Penetration testing:
Database Administration:
  • Databases: SQL and NoSQL (graph, OO, column, key-value)
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • Big Data: Hadoop Stack
  • Search Systems
ElasticSearch - ELK, bash, awk/sed, Powershell
Data Engineering:
  • Data Warehousing
  • OLAP/ETL Pipelines
  • Infranstructure
  • Algorythms Implementing
Computer Vision, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Data Processing, Machine Learning (Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computations, Fuzzy Logics), Machine Learning, Computer Linguistics, Computer Vision, Data Mining, Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, R Lang, Prolog, SparQL,

Deep Learning, Exploratory Data Analysis, Numerical Analysis and modelling

Feature Engineering, Models Evaluating and Tuning/Robustness, DataSet Preprocessing, Patterns Recognition

ML Products Monitoring in Production, Recommendation/Ranking Systems, Interpretability, Transfer Learning / Federative / Active, Domain Adaptation, Multitasking Learning, Self Learning,
Business Analysis:
  • Requirements and Specification
  • Acceptance Testing

Performance testing, vulnerability testing, customer development
Quantum Computing
Visual Arts:
  • Illustrating: illustrations, game charachters
  • Design: technical design, visual identity, presentation materials
  • Motion Graphics: game charachters, cartoons, visual effects
  • 3D: industrial design, architecture & interriors, animation
Social Media:
  • Messengerspipelines, interactive bots,
  • Community Management
  • Influencers/Sponsored Posts
Video, podcasts, vlogs,

/mail, messengers, mobile marketing, in-app

conversion, A/B, Analytics - search & Web, behavioural targeting, tracking users, Targeted advertising, retargeting

разнообразный спам (почта, СМС-ки и мессенжеры), blogging

Боттинг, раскручивание групп, community interaction / management, eWOM, COBRA (consumer theory)

affiliation systems, программы лояльности, subscriptions, рекомендательные системы, рассылки, PPA, promotional codes

customer loyalty/rewards, engagement marketing

social media optimisation, online reputation management, social media spam
Line Management:
  • Processes Development & Supervision: ToC, Lean
  • Routine Team/Branch Operations Management
  • IT Service Management: ITIL
Data Analysis:
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Research
  • Reporting: data visualizing
Machine Learning:
  • Neural Networks
  • Evolutionary Computing
System Analysis:
  • System Architecture
  • Information Design
Product Analysis:
  • Product Research
  • Technical Writing documentation, help, tutorials, guides, advertising
  • Design/Interface/Usability/UX: mockups
Quality Assurance:
  • Automation
  • Manual
Sound Design, Sound Operations, Pre/Post Production
Search Engines Optimisation:
  • Search Analytics
  • Link Building
  • Reputation Management
Display Advertising (PPx):
  • Contextual Advertising
  • PPC/PPV: RTB Platforms, banners
  • Consumer-generated advertising/embedded marketing:
Content Management:
  • Front-End:Javascript & Co, Flash, SilverLight, markup
  • Web Back-End: Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, ASP.NET
Project Management:
  • Agile: Scrum/SAFe, XP, RUP
  • Classic: PMBoK, Prince2, P2M
Artificial Intelligence
New Gen Informational Security
Human-Computer Interaction
Computational Science
Human Resources
Sales & Accounting
Affiliate Marketing:
  • Front-End:Javascript & Co, Flash, SilverLight, markup
  • Game Design:
  • User Interfaces: desktop, web, mobile, wearables
  • Changed Reality: VR & AR
  • Usability & UX: mockups
Biometrics & Security
Quantum Computing
Human Computer Interaction
Computational Physics/Chemistry
Scientific Computing
Recruitment workflow is divided into separate
pipelines by respective technological disciplines.
Every recruiter works with a single direction
instead of random vacancies.

The benefits are the next: focus on
a single technological stack,
domain knowledge, optimizing
and consolidating routine,
wide database, targeted
networking, knowing
the best people, hot
and so on.

The core of our service approach is that we give you a word to close your vacancy and to do it in time. To make that reliable we add financial penalties for undue accomplishment to our contract.
Contracted Liability for In-Time Vacancy Closing
To make your recruitment process reliable, solid and trustworthy we provide guarantee of free replacement. If during a probation you somehow break apart with your newly hired employee we'll find you a substitute.
Free Replacement During Guarantee Period
We treat a hire as successful one only after the first successful week. You pay only for solid result and do not spend your right for guarantee replacement if somebody fires or been fired right after a duty start.
No Charge During the First Week of Work
We want you to be confident in recruitment process robustness during both guarantee period and all the time of our cooperation. For all closed positions we provide further replacement with a substantial discount.
Further Replacement With Discount
When people have no emotional foundation to serve recruitment it is being continuously rebuilt to cover conjunctural interests, morphs into politics, starts lipming and slows down.
Intermediaries and Weak Feedback
Invariant focus on the strongest possible team building. Interviewing a great amount of specialists, building candidates reserve, absence of urgent hires, high operational stability.
We focus on providing a tailor fit result, thus need effective interaction. Any intermediacy interferes the dialog, makes it dozens times slower and destroys informativeness.
Hiring engineer is the most concerned person in the process. He can provide the most complete and specific info about the real needs and is interested in the shortest feedback loop.
Low Priority of Recruitment
Never Stopping Hiring Process
Direct Cooperation With a Hiring Engineer
Non-Exclusiveness and Dog-Racings
Non-exclusiveness statistically means N times less fee for executor. Nobody wants to kill their time. In ten days you have no working recruiters. Contracts have no penalties, so you can't claim.
An agreement without obligations is just a memorandum. To make it a contract there is a need in substantial initial exchange: recruiters spend their time, work givers pay advances.
Working With an Advance Payment
Recruitment Manifesto
* plagiarized from
We are uncovering better ways of building
engineering teams by doing and helping others do it.
Through this work we have come to value

Individuals and Interaction over processes and tools
Building Goal-Relevant Team over short term goals
Labour Market Collaboration over mass hiring
– Responding to Change over following a job description

That is, while there is value in the items on
the right, we value the items on the left more.