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Azure Cloud Architect
Atlas Tehnica
Comprises 45 engineers and has 4 offices in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and London. Today we are opening the 5th one in Kyiv.

An exemplary customer is a mid size hedge fund managing assets for 1b comprising 50 employees and the same number of server instances.
An Azure focused next-generation MSP for hedge fund and alternative investment vertical.

Founded in New York in 2016 and growing twice a year all along the way.
The background for excellence is 15+ years of experience in providing Windows based IT infrastructure support specifically in the investment industry.

We are well known on this market and are on the top of biggest bank's IT providers lists. There are nearly 10k hedge funds in the world, 20% of them need an IT infrastructure -- nearly half of newly created (all around the globe) ones apply for our services.
Looking For
  • This individual will also serve as the technical lead on our most complex projects and will mentor Senior Cloud Engineers and Cloud Engineers
  • We expect for this individual to drive the overall architecture of our cloud projects in accordance with industry best practices
  • Provide internal company documentation, guidelines, and deployment methodologies (templates, deployment automation, etc.) where appropriate
  • An individual that is already established as an expert in the area of cloud architecture, specifically with regard to working with Microsoft products (Azure and Office 365 primarily)
  • Should already have at least several years of experience doing projects in this area for clients of various sizes
  • Complete higher education in information technology or equivalent experience
  • Well versed in networks and cyber-security issues
  • 4+ years of experience with public cloud services (Azure, AWS, GCP) of which 2 must be expert-level architecture experience in Azure
  • Experience with deployment automation technologies
  • Knowledge of at least one scripting/programming language commonly used in public cloud automation – PowerShell, Python, or similar
  • Ability to architect both complex individual projects and general guidelines for types of projects being done by others
  • Ability and willingness to mentor others
  • Good ability to communicate tech / non-tech information in the English language
  • Being primarily self-driven in your growth and development as a technologist
Nice 2 have
  • Familiarity with Managed Service Provider operation
  • Experience working on projects, identifying requirements, communicating with client stakeholders
  • Familiarity with Azure serverless and platform as a service offerings such as Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Azure SQL Server, etc.
  • Familiarity with regulatory requirements faced by financial instructions in the United States and UK
We offer
  •  Long term contract 
  •  Taxes and SSP coverage 
  •  Salary review every year 
  •  Annual performance based bonuses 
  •  Certification covarage + days off 
  •  28 days PTO: 18 working days (or 
     24 calendar days according to 
     Ukrainian legislation) for vacations 
     + 10 working days for sick leaves 
  •  Remote regime during Covid (with 
     a focus on an office regime further) 
Why us?
  • MSP experience is a great opportunity to grow -- especially if you work with the world highest demanding customers
  • Improve English skills communicating with native speaker that do not tolerate low level of English
  • Become a certified specialist
  • Working in a fast growing company on it's the most intensive stage is tough, though entertaining
  • We are a comfortable team to work in and we have high respect to collaboration culture
  • We are a US based company and use exclusively English language, but we are UA and RU language friendly
  • This office is just being started. You'll be on the very roots of it and that's a great career opportunity.
  • We are highly demanding, but we pay well and have a solid financial grounding.
  • Dive into the very core of the world financial market.
We have a long list of projects from our current customers and from new customers waiting for us to start working on their infrastructure.
What is the reason for this vacancy opening?
F. A. Q.
The owner of the company was born in USSR and spend his early childhood here. So, starting the office in Ukraine was planned from the very beginning. And the time is now for doing it.
Why did you choose to start an office in Ukraine?
Short HR screening (10-15 min: English fluency, HR questions, arrangements, and so on), long tech interview (2 hours: theory, troubleshooting, code discussion, etc.).
What will be the interviewing stages?
Overtimes are rare and are not a point to plan so far. However this kind of a job always tends to be the one handling with critical situation and we expect our people to be always in charge for such cases. Overtimes are paid with 1.5 coefficient.
Are there overtimes and what is the coverage if so?
There are no project bonuses at this moment, but all along the way we had yearly bonuses. They are calculated on personal + company performance and usually are between 5% and 15% of a person's yearly income.
Are there project bonuses or other incentives?
Mostly not. We try to keep the team connected, and new senior level people usually come to our office to dive into the work on start. We also tend to have yearly company meetings. However, no trips during COVID-19, of course and that seems to be a long term.
Will there be business trips?
No, we do not implement any kind of test tasks during the interviewing process. But we can give the one if we have a specific question to a person after the interview and have agreed with them this point.
Do you give anything similar to a test task during an interviewing process?
We have only 5 people left or resigned for different reasons during all the time the company operates. So the turnover is pretty low and we seem to handle well against it.
What level of employee turnover is there in the company?
Interview will be in English. It's the only working language in the company, and we work exclusively withEnglish speaking customers. However, we have Ua & Ru languages friendly company (~20% of a company have Ukrainian or Russian languages as mother tongue).
Will the interview be in English, or in Russian?
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